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I feel a breeze [Apr. 9th, 2009|12:10 pm]
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It really has turned into a twice-a-month affair, this livejournal business...hasnt it.

So in recap..

My odometer ticked over to 27 2 weekends back. Oh how time is fleeting.
Didnt do a great deal. I was supposed to play my first actual game of hockey, only we travelled all the way out to Moorebank (toll included) only to find the game was cancelled because some retard at the hockey ass fucked up.So we travelled home and did some drinking. Then we went and ate our fill of Mexican and then had an early night.
The next day we had planned on getting tattoos, but I changed my mind on what I want at the last second and cancelled the whole thing. I just dont want something lame.

Most days have been spent trying to get my body used to the stresses that hockey puts on me. Sure, Im a fit guy, but running on a treadmill, and lifting weights isnt enough to get your muscles ready for all the bending, turning, sprinting and so on.
That said, we played hockey last weekend. There are 2 teams in our 'club'. We are called the Bentstix...its a gay/lesbian club. So the 2 teams are 4.1 and 4.2 and are both in the mens comp.
Im in 4.2, and we played the first game...we lost but only 1-0. Apparently this team was really bad and were losing by 10 goals last year...so I guess thats not so bad.
4.1 didnt have enough players for thier game, so I played for them...and we drew 5 all. I scored a goal, kinda. I dont think it was really deserved cause I fucked up the shot, but the other team deflected it in...so I was a hero to equalize on the buzzer. 'Hero'.

My gym routine has changed to allow for hockey AND hockey training. But its a nice change.
Actually, I am SOO super happy to be playing hockey again. I forgot how I feel being in a team, having that comeradery you get from working as a team. Also the guys on the team - well most of them, are super nice. And it looks like I have made a few new friends. And it being a gay team makes it feel all the more like a team.
Im suprised there wasnt really any homophobic behaviour from the other teams...except for one old fella who got a bit worked up. But their team was embarrassed by his actions.
I guess no one will really give me any lip, Im a lot bigger in build to any of the guys. Well, alot of the guys are on the heavy side...but thats cause they DONT work out.
In fact, some bloke wasnt looking where he was going and ran head first into my left arm...I guess Im a lot more solid that i thought because I didnt budge, and he went off with a neck injury.
The gay games are being held in Copenhagen in a few months. I wish I could afford to go. If I had known about it all a few months ago, I could have saved for it...but I think its all a bit last minute to do it now. But 2 weeks of hockey in another country would be sooo ultimate.

Last night (Matt made the most amazing meatloaf) and I shaved my head, except for a little strip down the middle top. MENACE!

So, Easter weekend...lets see how this goes. Hopefully Ill make the most of it.
On this day last year, Matt and I went and looked at the place we now live in for the first time.
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This log is your log...this log is my log... [Mar. 22nd, 2009|08:47 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |Watching 'Eating Out']

Well I'm still truckin...

Its been a mixed up few weeks.

Mardi Gras weekend was the weekend Matt came home. NikNik and I went out the night before, for the 3rd weekend in a row, and I drank more before 12am than I did in all of 2002 and 2003. I was making a right spectacle of us...including interslicing and talking with 'Simon' from Degrassi. He was actually from Barcelona, but we decided he was Simon and made him tell us what things were in Spanish.
We made some friends from LA, who followed us around and paid for our cab ride home.
Matty came home and we spent the day in and out of bed. One of the Mardi Gras floats was doing sound checks in the lot next door. We couldnt hear ourselves talk over Cher.

We went to Kellys farewell. Which involved eating at a crazy crazy korean place. We were scared.
We went out with Chris and Vic and of course Arlotti. It was fun...we were stalked all over stoners.

Last weekend we did alot of staying at home. Only I played hockey on Sunday. HOORAY! everyone came and watched and Luke played and is going to play the season. HOORAY again!

Gym is going good, Ive been trying new stuff and its workin well. I think Ive put on about a kilo of muscle over three weeks.

I Idont remember much else...but Im still sore from hockey and a bit burned.

Oh and Im turning the lame 27 in a few days. Its finally tattoo time.
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Inconsistency is not the Key [Feb. 12th, 2009|11:41 am]
[Current Location |Where else...]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[Current Music |Something thought "Petshop Boys" was a good idea for the radio...]

I am not ready to start wearing jumpers and hoodys yet.
I have only just become adjusted to the incredible heat we have been seeing, and have just started enjoying the beach...
People shouldnt be wearing coats yet!!!


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A little spark reaction [Feb. 9th, 2009|07:15 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |Robot Chick]

You are hired by a farmer to catch fish from a lake on his property for him to sell.
He will pay you well for every fish you catch.
He also asks that you ring a cow bell every 5-10 mins, as he works in an adjacent field.
After setting up, and casting your line, you have already rang the bell once or twice.
After a time you still have not caught anything, regardless of the fact that the farmer assured you that the lake is full of fish.
It doesn't take a genious to notice that ringing the bell is scaring the fish away.
It gets to the end of the day and you have not caught anything.
You were unsuccessful because the farmer refused to make changes to the way things were done.
And the farmer is old, and stubborn...he wont change, and he wont learn.
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A look back into the past.. [Jan. 9th, 2009|11:36 am]
[Current Location |Somewhere...but Im not sure where]
[Current Mood |uncomfortableCongested]
[Current Music |I cant hear it, my ears are blocked.]

I have decided to wait 9 days before posting a year in review...

And in staying true to my ways, I have decided to bullet point it in a way - actually, headings...


We rang in the New Year in a sensible-like fashion. On a rooftop pub in Glebe. It was satisfactory. The drinks were however, a bit steep. We were kicked off the roof about 11:30, and after a game of pool, we went home to Pyrmont, and listened to the fireworks, only a few hundred metres from our apartment. We couldnt watch them because the building was in the way.
I thought the year was going to be huge...only my excitment was quickly diffused when I was told I was booked in for surgery on my throat at the end of the month. GULP.
We also welcomed Konrad into the house around this time.


Started out in alot of pain, and laid up for the majority of the month. Which ment I missed the end of summer. This displeased me.
The month was over quickly.
Work moved to Chatswood in Feb.
We said goodbye to Silly early in the month.
Started at the gym with an old work friend Greg.


This month was lived in anticipation for V Fest which was happening at the end of the month. 
Also we saw the pumpkins in their sideshow...so much stimuli.  


The details for April escape me, however it was around this time that we started seriously looking for a new place to live.
Easter was in here somewhere, and it is then that we first saw the place that we ended up in.


Mostly spent looking at houses, talking about houses, and me playing Final Fantasy and reading alot.


Sammys birfday at Hurricanes in Darling Harbour, and moving mod-month. It was a bitch of a move.


A visit from my cousin, World Youth Day ruined EVERYTHING! And alot more gym.

Winter was just totally unpleastant, so there was alot of indoor days, and watching the Olympics.
Nik Nik was visiting and Loose-Seal came into our life and out again in a short few days.


I was counting down the days until winter was over. A few nights out and I was finally settled into our new home.
Im pretty sure we had Clarebare living with us around this time...before she was off to a warmer climate.


The month of birthdays and warmer weather.  Coe and Matt and Vidas Bday - I had been sick, so I played lightly and was home in bed by 1am.
Matts Bday dinner was at Engrish Central. We had Robster Death.
We also had our anniversary on the Central Coast. It was relaxment.


Matt started his new job, and we went to Bega for a bday party of ma's. It was good to go home, but my pumpkin head of a brother really makes too much noise.


It was only a month ago and Im having trouble remembering it. I was dreading December because it ment messed up gym days and the onslaught of bad food. But HOORAY for free days off.
By December I had started seeing my friends more often, which was a 'resolution' I had made. I think I can do better tho.

When put like this, the year was really quick. And in the most part - kinda hecktick.

My hopes for this year are as follows

-Surpass my gym goals and set new goals.
-Take the next step towards a new career
-Enjoy more relaxing time with friends
-See my family more often
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Down Down - Get Around...I get around... [Jan. 2nd, 2009|10:40 am]
[Current Location |Oh lordy me.]
[Current Mood |dirtydirty]
[Current Music |Someone chose the Bee-Gees]

Who is one of the lame motherfuckers who opted to not take the 2nd of Jan off???
Thats me.
Oh what a glorious idea it was to struggle to work today.
And now, I sit here, most systems are not working, I cant actually do any of my 'work' and I have tuna juice on my shorts.

So my week(s) in review.
I have worked most days other than the Government allotted public hols...which has proved to be much a waste of time. The special 'holiday tasks' we were given are long finished...
I have still managed to go to the gym as much as possible...and found alot of peeps have had the same idea.
Xmas was as usual (these days) unusual. I woke up, and bummed around until Matt got up, we exchanged prezzies and then Matt was off to his families day. I gathered together myself and drove to my bros for homemade pizza and my trifle that almost ruined Xmas. We sat in the park the some rich old lady made which is across the road from my bros house. Its such an amazing place. 
Then off to Matts mas house, where we stayed for a while and ate, and arrived home about 10. 
Boxing day we dis normal weekend stuff, sat around home with Coe and played games and watched movies and tried to stay cool. And went out to stoners with Coe and my cousin. Plans to keep a clear and straight head were thwarted by Coe and Andies constant peer-pressure. 
I got into a fight with some 40+ year old junkies because I was hit by one of thier cushions during a pillow fight. 
I tried to put a stop to it, and they let lose, first on my cousin because he was the youngest. We toght them. Only I ended up with beer in my shoe. But they got turfed. 
We skanked around and I got home about 5am. 
Matt woke up sick, so we didnt do much else except prepare for the NYE party. 
About 40 peeps showed, and by about 9am there was about 10 left. I forced myself to bed around that time. 
The party was good fun, Im not used to holding parties...the house was trashed. 
Unfortunaty early in the night I mistook something for something else, and ended up in a semi-coma on the bed trying not to vomit for about an hour. But I came good eventually. 

If I can get my junk together, Ill post what limited photos I managed to compose...

Whats in store for this year you say?
Meh...same same.  
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Songthing Meaningful? [Dec. 16th, 2008|04:18 pm]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[Current Music |Ads on the pseudo radio station]

I know peeps hate music lyrics being posted and shit...
But I wanted to attract peeps attention to this, because I think it shows that things are progressing in the world... And slowly, but surely things are changing.

These are the words of a song by Remembering Never. They are a Metalcore band. The song is called 'The Goddamn Busy Signal'

I've seen better days than this. Dictator of love, stand in the way of happiness. everything seems so fucking easy. What can be said of us when love is tested and put on trial for not a crime, but tradition? What can be said? "We are the face of perfection." "We are the elite." A false sense of tolerance in the hearts of man, and if need be..... Another president dead. Give me Another president dead. Brothers and sisters, cast your unheard ballots. Vote yes on Oppression. Your ideals are obsolete, the authority of morality. If god dictates what love is, who will love the unwanted? Lay waste to this cold tradition; take the gods of old to hell. What can be said? I've never felt so alive. Give me another dead president. Your god is a faggot hater? your freedom is on the line, but getting a busy signal, a goddamn busy signal. We are the face of perfection, We are the elite. A false sense of tolerance in the hearts of man. PRESIDENT IS DEAD

If you cant tell, this song is against homophobia - especially in religion and government.
For starters, you dont get see songs with a message like this strong very often, and for a cause I think is very relevant...
Secondly, this is not a 'gay' band...all the members are straight. But are standing up and are voicing what needs to be said.
This makes me fuckin proud, and comforted to know that things are changing, and there are peeps, other than the usuals (thousands of coudos to you guys too) out there trying to make a difference for the good.

This is the guys singin for our rights...
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What a story [Dec. 16th, 2008|04:05 pm]
[Current Mood |lethargicGassy]
[Current Music |Who cares...its shit that i didnt choose.]

I was visiting some religeous families house. I arrived with ill intent...but wasnt quite sure what it was I was there for. 
Upon entering the house I found out one of their 8 or so children was terminally ill. So i left the house.

Outside, it was snowing...and as I turned away from the house, I looked over mountains.

I was offered a snow board by David. Matt used skis. 
I crashed...but continued on...only to start flying from rockets in my shoes. 

I came across an old scentist and his helper, who recognised me.
"Oh its you...you came back to us". The scientist said. 
"Would you mind helping us?"
It was then that I realised these guy were pretty important to me.
They were trying to work out if sound could be heard or if it was lost when flying at super fast speeds. So I agreed to help them. 

I took a small recording device and started to fly through the montains as fast as I could, trying to reach top my speed. But things kept getting in my way, but I think I succsefully completed the task.

As I was about to return to the scientist, some guys jumped out from behind some rocks and were going to kill me...

"GET ASTROBOY!" They yelled...and started firing at me with guns. 

I went to use the guns in my ass, but instead decided on my laser finger.
After a few disarming shots, I grabbed them by the head...and killed them both easily.
Knowing I shouldnt kill humans - I disposed of the bodies somehow and flew off...

Someone was talking in my ear, and I was going to someones house, in the mountains. It was a massive house. 

It was at first a girl i didnt really know, only to turn into Greg's (who i go to the gym with) mothers house. 

When we (Coedie, Matt, Sam and I) went in, we met the people inside. I was the only person out he group that they didnt know. I introduced myself as 'The Astroboy' ...but my real name is Adrian. 

I wanted to go for a swim with everyone (even tho it was snowing)..but was worried about my metal body. But I fell in anyways and was playing with some of the kids and thier dog.
I remember the joy I felt playing, like I hadnt had fun before...I was learning how to have fun.

I had been under the water for a while...it was soo blue. I could see the ice floating on the top like pool toys.

My alarm went off and it was time for work.

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Crack Biff Pow [Dec. 9th, 2008|04:29 pm]
[Current Location |Bored]
[Current Mood |soreIt fricken hurts]
[Current Music |I can hear someone playing Manson actually.]

I was sick for a week.
And then apon recovering...my first day back at the gym and I drop a 10kg weight (plate) on my right foot. It landed on the shrp side of the weight and hit where my toe meets my foot.
Its still bruised and it has been almost a week.

I still danced at African drumming on Friday night tho. Albeit one footed.

I wanna do some relaxing in the damn sun.
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A Shock...a Horror! [Nov. 17th, 2008|04:14 pm]
[Current Location |Here and now]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |yuck]

Here in Oz, we dont display calories, or really count cals too much.
Its more about the specifics.
But since most body building sites ets are American,  and explain most things (not only in imperial ass) but in calories, I decided I should count my cals for a day and see how I went.
To work out the calories you use in 1 day you need to...
take your weight in pounds (Your weight in Kg x 2.2 = your weight in pounds)
And then times that by 15.
This should give you an approximate daily calorie count. (for an active person)
Mine is approx 3000cal/day
-*If you want to stay the same weight, you need to eat approximatley that many cals/day to maintain
-*If you want to lose weight, you need to eat less than many cals/day.
-*If you wanna put on weight, I need to eat approx 500 cals extra/day.
And as it stands, Im about 2000 cal under!

Now, I am up to my 4th meal and I am damn full!

I always I needed to eat alot to put on weight, but I never bothered doing the maths cause it is soo fiddly without the stated amounts on packaging etc. What a waste of 6 months!!!
*If this is the first time you have heard this, please dont think that eating 80% of your daily intake of cals in choc or KFC will make you lose weight. These calories need to be nutritious calories, complex carbs/proteins and good fats. Also, exercise plays a big part in weight loss and must be considered.

**This is a generic 'bulking' eating plan...there are alot of variations and can be done in different ways.
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