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Bits and Bobs [Jul. 12th, 2009|01:29 am]
[Current Location |The floor]
[Current Music |THS: Investigates - Summer Breaks]

Kinda lost track of time and havnt written in a while.

work is work. Everything is up in the air, everything is out of anyones control and peeps are waiting to be told to either settle in or pack up.
Our team did our Passion Day. We did gardening for Mission Australia. It was fun, but very quick. Lucky that cause Ive felt a little under the weather. Mainly in my guts.

Last weekend I went down to the ACT...stayed in Goulburn for the Friday night. Saw Dezza for a suit measuring and then hoe again.
We went out for the hockey fundraiser. It was fun. Luke brought his mum along. It wasnt a terribly late night.

Today I played one of my worst games of hockey. But considering howw bad I felt last night... I wont beat myself up too much.
Im going to slow down on the gym this week..and do a bit more cardio. Im having trouble running and Im def not as fast as I used to be. But I sure do pack a punch when I collide with someone.

We watched 'The Watchmen' tonight. I liked it.
We also watched 'Desperate Living'. If you havnt seen it, DO...ULTIMATE.