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Fuckadoodledoo [May. 28th, 2009|04:23 pm]
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Its been exactly 1 month since I wrote in my journey...


Its because I am being worked hard at work..

Ill try and recap the last 4 weeks as well as I can.

Well we got a new laptop for home use. Although I havnt given it much of a go yet, but I have been happy in the fact that I have a puter there that can meet my needs when required.
Shoul dhave the new internet on at home soon.

I did my silly diet, I changed it a little and cut down carbs and supplemented it with protein...lost about 4 kg. And didnt lose much size.
Im just starting back on the normal eating bizzo.

Hockey has been really good. 4.1 team has not lost a game yet. 4.2 lost last week. But it is still really fun. But last week Kira hit the ball from a 16 and instead of me trying to get out of the way, I tried to catch it, and I ended up with a massive bruise on my hand. Plus I had a massive bruise on my foot from kicking someones stick out of the way.
They keep using me in the positions where they think they need the strongest player...but 2 games in a row is damn hard...especially when Im playing 2 or 3 positions for other slower non-fit players.
There is talk about going to Wellington in Summer to play in a tournament. That would be excellent.
It would also be excellent to get Sam playing too.
They were all talking me up and saying how happy they are to have me in the team. But I realised that some of the players are from a high up division, and they left previously. I think that with a bit more fitness training, I would easilly be able to play up a division, and I guess that is what they dont want.
But I do like being an overacheiver in a fun team...rather than being a average player in a higher, potentially not as fun grade.

I want my hair to grow!!! Its been too short for too long.

Ive been playing Okami...cute game.

Im sure there is more, but I dont care to discuss it right now.

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