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My sock is making my legs hairs hurt - WOW...Show me [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My sock is making my legs hairs hurt [Apr. 27th, 2009|02:48 pm]
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We went out for Boris's birthday on Friday night - after a pretty mediocre workout.
Boris's was at Blink. And the usual trouble that Luke and I cause ensued.
But I only had 3 beers over the course of 3 hours.
Was in bed by about 3...which was probably a bit later than I would have liked since we played hockey at 12:30 and had to leave by about 11:15.
I played for both teams in Moorebank (after getting lost). We won both games. The first game was 1-0 and the second was about 8-0 but I stopped counting and couldnt be bothered to ask the final score.
I still have yet to score a goal...however I set up about 6 of the goals on the weekend...so I guess thats a thing.
The pitch was one of the worst I have played on - and I have played at Candello.
The field was sand based...and one of the end had huge chunks taken out of it. The ball lagged and you couldnt drag at all. Only a hard hit or slap shot would make the ball move. And as has been since the start of the season, I had one of the teams best players on my heels the whole game. I guess they didnt want me to get the ball.
Luke played his first game, and although only really got the ball twice...madea pretty good break with the ball and forced thier back to freak out. I think they thought he was our secret weapon.
I really think the team I am primarily in needs stronger attack. I am center and the other forwards are all new. Nothing against them...but when you have only new players up in the forwards, you are not going to get the ball in the goal very much. Especially on turf. But I got a few good breaks. I would like to see how I play on video. Ill get someone to record a game for a bit.

The rest of the weekend was alot of playing Dragon Ball and sticking to this diet. To which I have lost about 1.5 kg so far...but Ill weight myself tomorrow for a more accurate reading.

Today is the coldest day so far. I wore a beanie so I could pass as a crim.

[User Picture]From: stephlikespunk
2009-04-30 11:06 am (UTC)
did you know in canada they call beanies touques! It's like duke, but with a t!! And in canada they play hockey but they play it on ice. How fun is team sport!! I just started playing netball again and it was so fun!! I played a grand final and scored a goal!! I like beanies you're a crim!!
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