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In a sec [Apr. 21st, 2009|04:23 pm]
[Current Location |Yeah yeah]
[Current Mood |hornyZexy]
[Current Music |Lady Marmalade (pop version) on the radio]

Just quick -

The weekend wasnt anything OTT...Played hockey - lost 1-0. I didnt play in the second game cause I had to be in the city for Lukes Bday dinner at Korean BBQ. (Yes Luke, it is ultimate)
My hair is now a blue strip of hair on the top of my head. Almost a blue patch really. Im not greatly fond of it...so im going to grow my hair back.
At hockey training I was given the job of 'push-outs' for short corners. The coach and a bunch of peeps were like "WOW you do that SOO well!!! Thats YOUR job!!" Thats cool I guess, I spose once I get my drag flick back on board Ill get to take some shots too...maybe Ill teach someone how to do it proper.

Got a prank call from some girls..they sounded about 17 yo. They were quite offensive and rude and were claiming I was fucking her boyfriend (Matt). I have come to the conclusion that they are either friends of my step-sister or of Andy...who somehow got my number.
Im guessing they dont me personally, as they threatend me with violence...I wouldnt say Im a pushover - especially for tween.

Ive started on the anabolic diet - look it up. Its kinda crazy and maybe a bit of a fad type situation. But alot of bb's have raved about it and its fantastic results on thier personal blogs, so Ill give it a go. At least I get to drink full cream milk!!!

Finally - I forgot to mention prior that Dezza asked me to be a groomsmen (Yay a real groomsmen...no more being a bridesmaid)So this means some happy travels and so on.

Ive been feeling quite cosy in my winter PJ's, layin on the couch or in bed after hockey or training, or even in the morning after sleep. It might be shitty ass weather outside, but Im comfy inside. I know that wont last for long. I feel like the last time it was cold was when I lived in Chatswood.

Im playin hockey at Morebank this Saturday at 12:30 for anyone wanting to come and have a look-see!!!

[User Picture]From: dezza
2009-04-25 04:40 am (UTC)
Damn straight bitch
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[User Picture]From: 08_andrew_08
2009-05-01 04:22 am (UTC)
LOL wtf?!?!?

that wasnt me! nor was it my friends!

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