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Oh...its a dream [Oct. 21st, 2009|04:12 pm]
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My dream the other day had me feel a little awkward when I woke up. Cant explain it.

I was aware that I had previously died, but had chosen a school boys body to come back in. But I chose this time to be deaf, because it would give me a higher moral standing over the 'others'. I should point out that I was one of a small group of people who would live, and when we got bored of our lives, we would die somehow and then come back in a way we wanted.
I was at school, and although I had chosen to be deaf, i could read minds, but didnt want to let the 'others' know that...which made understanding people a lot easier. So while talking to the teacher I reach his mind and went about my work, people giving me snaps for being such an intuitive person.
Then we were in my brothers old bedroom, and there was a big mirror at the end of the room. The cast from season 1 and 2 of skins were running in and out of the mirror, like it was a doorway. This is where I came from. I went to enter the mirror and saw Tony from Skins (below) in shorts and a yellow knit, sitting cross legged, and laughing. But he had blood streaming from his legs and hands. And his top was covered in blood.
Its about here I woke up.

In another dream I had recently, I was a vampire, that was hanging out with others. But I was obsessed with locked the doors to this room I was in. It was decked out in old gothic furniture, with big cast iron bars on the tall windows. I was cutting some girl with a razor blade. Dont remember the rest, but I do remember flying out a window.

And look how ultimate this is

A bloke called Tony Ward was attacked with a hammer by some activist thugs
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Question???? [Oct. 20th, 2009|04:21 pm]
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[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |Punk Goes Pop version of 'Borderline']

Does any one know what paraphilias someone who finds bruises, cuts, blood, scars and the like sexually attractive, falls under?

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Monday night lights [Oct. 20th, 2009|04:16 pm]
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[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |Punk Goes Pop version of 'I want it that way']

Monday nights will now be set aside for Summer hockey.
Its not quite a competition. Its just social fun. Where you basically have a team, set out. But because its between 7pm and 9pm on a school night, not everyone can attend. So if you need other plays, anyone can come along for a hit, and you play swapsies from other teams...and there isnt always an umpire so you just play fair.
And no one keeps track of the score, and the games are between 30 and 40 mins long.
Its a lot of fun and you play with all levels of peeps, which keeps you on your toes, which is really tuning back my skills.
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How to cut this fat quickly and efficiently... [Sep. 24th, 2009|02:16 pm]
[Current Location |Somewhere - Chawoo]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Dave's Ipod - I think its time for some of mine.]

Well, the last month or so in a nutshell;

We made it to the prelim finals in the 4.1 team for hockey, and placed 6th in the 4.2 team.
We beat southerland 4-0 (I think) in the semis...but lost to Gordon/North Sydney in the prelim. We actually drew the game, even in extra time...but unfortunatley they were 1 higher than us on the table which meant we were out.
So lame they didnt go into strokes.
So now I have some time to recover from my injuries, and start prep for next year.
On that topic, we have a little round robin for Mardi Gras, which should include some girls and peeps from Melbourne and the Uk, and maybe more.
And then we should be off to Cologne next August for the Gay Games. By that stage, I should have my redundancy money.

So yup, we are being given the arse. LOVES THAT!!!
Only, we have to wait till mid next year...but with the booting of one of the more pesky bosses, life at work has become and will hopefully stay - a breeze. And then its a life of gyms and working out and sweaty sweaty tank tops.

There was a photo shoot for a free gay magazine, which were featuring gay sports teams like ours.  Myself and 3 other guys were photoed, it was fun...and the spread looks OK. Hopefully it will get us some sponsorship, which we are desperate for.
And then, in addition, Mardi Gras asked for some of our players to perform in the up coming Sleaze Ball opening show. So Luke and I along with a few other fellas are in it. As well as one of my mates from the Union team 'The Covicts'. So that should be fun, we have rehersals next week.

A few weeks back, a girl I had noticed on the train snuck up behind me on the train on the way to work and slipped a business card into my hand. It read "Would you like to get a drink some time?".
I had a pen on me, so I wrote "I'm gay"..and she almost fainted.
She hasnt been on the train since.

We have been getting back into the spirit of it all and been hitting the town, with some VERY late bed times.
Valik came down, and we had a boogie, unfortunatley he was rushed away by his boyf. Oh well.

Briana had a baby, Im yet to visit. But I think this weekend will be when I get my ass over there.

Im trying, seriously this time, to cut down and lose a significant amount of fat. I am aware I am not 'fat'...but its about time I get my abs out. So it will be a few more weeks of far less carbs. I wouldnt mind the diet if I wasnt so bored at work...because otherwise I can keep my mind off food.

I am making a promise to update LJ a little more often.

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This deserves its own post... [Aug. 14th, 2009|04:28 pm]
[Current Location |here at the place still]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |Without love - where would you be noooooooow?]

Go to..

Support gay rights and stomp out homophobia in Oz!!!

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Bits and Bobs [Jul. 12th, 2009|01:29 am]
[Current Location |The floor]
[Current Music |THS: Investigates - Summer Breaks]

Kinda lost track of time and havnt written in a while.

work is work. Everything is up in the air, everything is out of anyones control and peeps are waiting to be told to either settle in or pack up.
Our team did our Passion Day. We did gardening for Mission Australia. It was fun, but very quick. Lucky that cause Ive felt a little under the weather. Mainly in my guts.

Last weekend I went down to the ACT...stayed in Goulburn for the Friday night. Saw Dezza for a suit measuring and then hoe again.
We went out for the hockey fundraiser. It was fun. Luke brought his mum along. It wasnt a terribly late night.

Today I played one of my worst games of hockey. But considering howw bad I felt last night... I wont beat myself up too much.
Im going to slow down on the gym this week..and do a bit more cardio. Im having trouble running and Im def not as fast as I used to be. But I sure do pack a punch when I collide with someone.

We watched 'The Watchmen' tonight. I liked it.
We also watched 'Desperate Living'. If you havnt seen it, DO...ULTIMATE.
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Fuckadoodledoo [May. 28th, 2009|04:23 pm]
[Current Location |HUMMAHUMMAHUMMA]
[Current Mood |busybusy]
[Current Music |Something DUMB!!!]

Its been exactly 1 month since I wrote in my journey...


Its because I am being worked hard at work..

Ill try and recap the last 4 weeks as well as I can.

Well we got a new laptop for home use. Although I havnt given it much of a go yet, but I have been happy in the fact that I have a puter there that can meet my needs when required.
Shoul dhave the new internet on at home soon.

I did my silly diet, I changed it a little and cut down carbs and supplemented it with protein...lost about 4 kg. And didnt lose much size.
Im just starting back on the normal eating bizzo.

Hockey has been really good. 4.1 team has not lost a game yet. 4.2 lost last week. But it is still really fun. But last week Kira hit the ball from a 16 and instead of me trying to get out of the way, I tried to catch it, and I ended up with a massive bruise on my hand. Plus I had a massive bruise on my foot from kicking someones stick out of the way.
They keep using me in the positions where they think they need the strongest player...but 2 games in a row is damn hard...especially when Im playing 2 or 3 positions for other slower non-fit players.
There is talk about going to Wellington in Summer to play in a tournament. That would be excellent.
It would also be excellent to get Sam playing too.
They were all talking me up and saying how happy they are to have me in the team. But I realised that some of the players are from a high up division, and they left previously. I think that with a bit more fitness training, I would easilly be able to play up a division, and I guess that is what they dont want.
But I do like being an overacheiver in a fun team...rather than being a average player in a higher, potentially not as fun grade.

I want my hair to grow!!! Its been too short for too long.

Ive been playing Okami...cute game.

Im sure there is more, but I dont care to discuss it right now.
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My sock is making my legs hairs hurt [Apr. 27th, 2009|02:48 pm]
[Current Location |???]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |Some dumb ballad on the radio]

We went out for Boris's birthday on Friday night - after a pretty mediocre workout.
Boris's was at Blink. And the usual trouble that Luke and I cause ensued.
But I only had 3 beers over the course of 3 hours.
Was in bed by about 3...which was probably a bit later than I would have liked since we played hockey at 12:30 and had to leave by about 11:15.
I played for both teams in Moorebank (after getting lost). We won both games. The first game was 1-0 and the second was about 8-0 but I stopped counting and couldnt be bothered to ask the final score.
I still have yet to score a goal...however I set up about 6 of the goals on the weekend...so I guess thats a thing.
The pitch was one of the worst I have played on - and I have played at Candello.
The field was sand based...and one of the end had huge chunks taken out of it. The ball lagged and you couldnt drag at all. Only a hard hit or slap shot would make the ball move. And as has been since the start of the season, I had one of the teams best players on my heels the whole game. I guess they didnt want me to get the ball.
Luke played his first game, and although only really got the ball twice...madea pretty good break with the ball and forced thier back to freak out. I think they thought he was our secret weapon.
I really think the team I am primarily in needs stronger attack. I am center and the other forwards are all new. Nothing against them...but when you have only new players up in the forwards, you are not going to get the ball in the goal very much. Especially on turf. But I got a few good breaks. I would like to see how I play on video. Ill get someone to record a game for a bit.

The rest of the weekend was alot of playing Dragon Ball and sticking to this diet. To which I have lost about 1.5 kg so far...but Ill weight myself tomorrow for a more accurate reading.

Today is the coldest day so far. I wore a beanie so I could pass as a crim.
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Soo vivid [Apr. 24th, 2009|12:27 pm]
[Current Location |FRIDAY!!!]
[Current Mood |irritatedSpaced]
[Current Music |Independant Woman on the radio]

The other night I dreamt that I was on a cruise ship...I was a special guest, but sorta a fundraiser thing - like I was a celebrity who was paid to serve peeps, like on McHappy Day. But then the boat started driving crazy, as it turned around I watched another cruiseliner sink and all the peeps on that boat start drowning...I thought our boat was manouvering to help them, but instead it spead up and started running over all the peeps.
So I realised the boat had been taken over.
So I found a machette and started killing the bad guys. I got shot in the shoulder but i didnt care. I killed about 3 peeps, and then the police were on board and they congratulated me. I had ALOT of blood on me. But I was happy by what I had done. I kinda felt like a secret agent.

Last night I dreamed I was at the house my dad grew up in, and some cops and sniffer dogs came and did a thoruogh check of the house. They found a bunch of pills and stuff, which I knew was therem but I knew they were not mine but I would get busted anyways. It all sorta went away when the cops turned into my mums best friend and her husband.

I think its the change in diet.
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In a sec [Apr. 21st, 2009|04:23 pm]
[Current Location |Yeah yeah]
[Current Mood |hornyZexy]
[Current Music |Lady Marmalade (pop version) on the radio]

Just quick -

The weekend wasnt anything OTT...Played hockey - lost 1-0. I didnt play in the second game cause I had to be in the city for Lukes Bday dinner at Korean BBQ. (Yes Luke, it is ultimate)
My hair is now a blue strip of hair on the top of my head. Almost a blue patch really. Im not greatly fond of it...so im going to grow my hair back.
At hockey training I was given the job of 'push-outs' for short corners. The coach and a bunch of peeps were like "WOW you do that SOO well!!! Thats YOUR job!!" Thats cool I guess, I spose once I get my drag flick back on board Ill get to take some shots too...maybe Ill teach someone how to do it proper.

Got a prank call from some girls..they sounded about 17 yo. They were quite offensive and rude and were claiming I was fucking her boyfriend (Matt). I have come to the conclusion that they are either friends of my step-sister or of Andy...who somehow got my number.
Im guessing they dont me personally, as they threatend me with violence...I wouldnt say Im a pushover - especially for tween.

Ive started on the anabolic diet - look it up. Its kinda crazy and maybe a bit of a fad type situation. But alot of bb's have raved about it and its fantastic results on thier personal blogs, so Ill give it a go. At least I get to drink full cream milk!!!

Finally - I forgot to mention prior that Dezza asked me to be a groomsmen (Yay a real groomsmen...no more being a bridesmaid)So this means some happy travels and so on.

Ive been feeling quite cosy in my winter PJ's, layin on the couch or in bed after hockey or training, or even in the morning after sleep. It might be shitty ass weather outside, but Im comfy inside. I know that wont last for long. I feel like the last time it was cold was when I lived in Chatswood.

Im playin hockey at Morebank this Saturday at 12:30 for anyone wanting to come and have a look-see!!!
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